Essence Reloaded Exhibition

Little Buckland Gallery

15 June – 1 September 2020

Open 11 – 4 daily – or by appointment from 10 – 11 each day if you would like to guarantee being on your own in the gallery

The Little Buckland Gallery is housed in a beautiful listed barn near the picturesque village of Broadway in the Cotswolds. Undoubtedly a fantastic setting made all the more worthwhile visiting by the discerning selection of nationally and internationally acclaimed painters, sculptors, printmakers, ceramicists and designer makers whose work is on show there. However, the particular and unique draw of The Little Buckland Gallery is its owner and curator, Arabella Kiszely who offers a really relaxed, warm and friendly welcome. This is a place where viewing and talking about art is of greater importance than buying. Once visited this is a gallery you will return to again and again to be met with a cup of tea or coffee, a chat and a really insightful eye.

The current exhibition ‘Essence’, continues the gallery’s direction towards abstraction established in the last show ‘Ethos’. The theme offers a conceptual framework within which my own work offers a distinctive and apt contribution. My work is generated by the wind and the abstract marks thus created capture the ‘Essence’ of this elemental energy that we are all so familiar with and yet cannot see.

“Julie’s work captures the intrinsic nature of the wind – it’s movement, energy and intangibility. What appear to be random, abstract marks express the essence and distinctive character of every individual wind.” Arabella Kiszely

Part of my contribution includes a new work entitled ‘Liminal Space’ which uses screen printed imagery on layers of transparent paper to explore the 3 dimensional nature of wind movement. The piece is only small (25 x 25 cm framed) but don’t judge it on its size. The work has depth created by the layering of the imagery. In addition the marks, made by the wind, have a marvellous intricacy that requires close inspection. If you go – look out for it.

I have sixteen works showing altogether including original drawings, screen prints, etchings and works on silk from small to large and to suit every pocket. They can all be viewed at the gallery or on the gallery website. If you would like to know more about my work please speak to Arabella who has a very good understanding of both my process and motivation or visit my website ( or my Instagram page (@julieleachart).

Everything showing in the Essence exhibition is available to purchase online as well as from the gallery.

Other gallery artists showing work in the exhibition include:

Printmakers & Drawings: Arabella Kiszely, Adam Roud, Ceramicists: Richard Bideau, Robyn Hardyman, Hilary LaForce, Louise McNiff, Victoria Meadows, Sculptor: Rachel Carter, Neil Wood Photographers: Malcolm MacGregor, Jewellers: Karen Lockton, Mila Rosinska, Painters: Philippa Anderson, Zoe Ashbrook, Jane Clatworthy, Elizabeth Cowell, Liz Doyle, Barbara Fletcher, Niki Hare, Thorie Hinds, Arabella Kiszely, Plum Neasmith, Tonie Rigby, Hilary Turnbull

Little Buckland Gallery Little Buckland, Broadway, Worcestershire, WR12 7JH Telephone: +44 (0) 1386 853739 Email: