Ethos: 18 October – 3 November

A mixed exhibition reflecting the gallery’s direction towards abstraction:

Join us for a drink on 20 October, 11 am onwards. Open daily 10.30-5

Malcolm Macgregor will be talking about his work in the Namibian desert at 2.30 pm on Sunday 20 October

Julie Leach will be giving an illustrated talk about her work on Saturday 26th October at 11.30 am

Painting: Elizabeth Cowell, Liz Doyle, Peter Granville-Edmunds, Thorie Hinds, James Kerr, Arabella Kiszely, Plum Neasmith, Robin Richmond, Tonie Rigby, Bina Shah, Hilary Turnbull

Printmaking: Julie Leach, Richard Corbett, 

Photography: Malcolm MacGregor

Sculpture: Neil Wood

Ceramics: Richard Bideau, Hilary LaForce, Victoria Meadows, Bina Shah, Jayne Tricker,

Jewellery: Laure Filho, Mila Rosinska, Susan Wilkinson