Ann Blockley

Ann Blockley RI is a mixed media artist with a particular emphasis on water- based and natural mediums. More recently she has begun to include a wider variety of foraged, found, recycled  and hand-made materials in a conscious effort to be more aware of and responsible about what she uses in her art. Her practice is always under critical re-assessment to allow it to develop and change – as nature itself does.

An immersion in the natural world has always been the ‘subject’ of Ann’s paintings. However, her interest in the surface values of the visual with its tangles and textures, is increasingly influenced by a more visceral, intangible desire to rediscover the enchantment of the ephemeral and sense of ‘other’.

Much time is spent outdoors gathering information in order to stay connected with the poetic, precious organic world of the woodland, hedge, field and coast. In her studio the challenge is to retain and convey a remembered mood and create an air of mystery or magic. The aim is to subtly alter reality into something more elusive; making marks that are intriguing in themselves but sometimes merely allude to the facts; being influenced by the way that the wanderings or happenings of a chosen material often echo nature itself.