Julia Cox


Art Gallery, Cotswolds Little Buckland Gallery

“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”  Oscar Wilde

Julia is drawn to colour, textures and patterns made by nature and man.

I am intrinsically a maker.

I started my career in industry as a designer of woven textiles having trained at the Royal College of Art. My understanding of colour and design processes still informs my work today, it has now evolved in a more painterly way. The journey has always come from observing and responding to my environment as a natural progression throughout my life.

My approach is semi or purely abstract. The source of much of my inspiration comes from having lived for many years in the Sussex Downs, a landscape close to the sea.

I use a variety of methods of mark making with inks, dyes and wax producing textures and colours on paper which are then cut or torn and assembled. My acrylic paintings also explore textures, using rich overlaying of glazes to which I sometimes add collaged pieces.