Natalie Day

Art Galleries Cotswolds

Inspired by my upbringing in Cornwall and recent residencies in South Wales, my focus this year is on developing my interpretation of the rugged landscape.  Through deconstruction of the elements into shape, colour and the story of the land.

I make semi-abstract paintings that are becoming larger, richer and more ambitious as they are informed by my interest in geology and history of a landscape.  My respect for the natural world and the rich history and cultural significance of certain sites. I combine memories of place with representational elements of surface topography, aerial and cross-sectional views to abstract the landscape whilst provoking a sense of the familiar.

I work mainly in acrylic paint and gather materials to make my own paints and inks from the landscape of my focus.  Infusing the work with the elements gathered.  The paintings are often constructed of many layers, with paint applied, scraped back and reapplied to create a rich, weathered appearance. As the rich layers and textures reveal themselves there are hidden gems to be found.  I invite the viewer to take their time and enjoy their discoveries.