Francesca Owen

Francesca Owen is a British contemporary landscape and storytelling painter based in Cornwall.  She is an award winning artist and trained at the prestigious Slade School of Art in London and completed an MA at Falmouth University and  has exhibited work in South East Asia, London and Cornwall.

Painting outside all year round, or when not possible, working in her studio, she uses a unique combination of pigments and traditional oils. Francesca says, ‘I collect pigments, which enable me to put the ‘landscape’ directly into my painting.’ Painting when traveling is a great way to observe a place and culture.

Inspiration comes from journeys, travels, ancient myths and her strong connection to the land and sea around her.  Painting provides a way of understanding a deeper appreciation of landscape.  It is a way to create a narrative of other worlds as symbolized by wagons and figures and is inspired by the personal experience of her life and travels.

In creating a sense of the feeling of the place and what it is like on that particular day, noticing how the elements change whilst she is painting, the clouds, the sea and the seasons, is at the heart of Francesca’s landscape painting.

Paintings are made using the following materials: Cornish earth pigments, Indian pigments and traditional oil paints. Often they are started and may even be finished completely outside, en plain air. Sometimes they are made on primed canvas rolls and then professionally stretched and framed.

Using a thick and rich impasto of pigments and oils, the possibility of what paint can bring to the canvas and what appears through the making of a painting is exciting. There is so much possibility to explore through paint.