Gillian Lever

Since graduating from Reading University, twenty-five years ago, Gillian has been making paintings. She has exhibited internationally and regularly shows with Art First, in London. Her work has been bought by buyers from around the world.

She loves colour. She uses it as a secret language with harmonies and resonances of its own. Derek Jarman evokes something of its electricity and force:

“Brilliant, gorgeous, painted, gay,
Vivid, flaunting, tearaway,
Glowing, flaring, lurid, loud,
Screaming, shrieking, marching, proud,
Mellow, matching, deep and sombre,
Pastel, sober, dead and dull,
Constant, colourful, chromatic,
Part-coloured and prismatic,
Kaleidoscopic, variegated,
Tattooed, dyed, illuminated,
Daub and scumble, dip and dye,
High-keyed colour, colour lie.”
Derek Jarman (Chroma: A Book of Colour)

“Painting, with its magical vocabulary of colour, light and rhythm, has a similar power to that of music to give voice to the soul. It is a potent language for expressing life’s mystery and joy.”
Gillian Lever