Helen Brasher

Art Gallery Cotswolds Little Buckland Gallery

Helen’s work is landscape derived. She prints semi-abstract tactile images based on the colours and forms of the coastline. She is drawn to detailed fragments of the landscape, the patterns and textures of rocks, rusting metal, peeling paint.  The sense of the past pressing upon the present.

Helen likes to work directly from the landscape.  Walking, observing and gathering information by sketch book, photograph and found materials. Back in her studio she explores ideas through the process of printmaking often starting with quick mono print sketches.

Depending on the subject matter she may continue in monoprint.  This allows a freedom of mark making that at times can become almost painterly.  Or move onto the more labour intensive process of creating a collagraph printing plate. Helen approaches the surface of grey board or card much as she would that of a metal plate by cutting into it, scraping and generally altering the surface texture to create deep textural marks. There is a similarity between the destruction of the card surface to create the printmaking plate and the effects of erosion on the subjects that she often likes to depict.