Joann Millar

Joann is interested in growth and change.  She finds that much of her work is suggestive of natural forms. Inspiration comes in many guises, filtering into her creativity in unexpected ways.

This allows the nature versus nurture concept to flow through her fingers into the work. Joann allows herself to be lead by the medium she is working in. Often she finds herself letting the piece instruct her on how it should develop.

Joann graduated in Ceramics from Bath Spa University in 1995.  After graduating she went on to become a highly regarded and successful teacher of Sculpture and Ceramics. Progressing in her teaching career and eventually bringing her to Cheltenham.  Here Joann leads a vibrant and energetic art department in a prestigious independent school, as well as maintaining her own creative work.

Joann continues to produce work for private commissions and exhibitions.