Julie Brook

Julie Brook is a British artist who for twenty and more years has roamed, lived and sculpted in a succession of uninhabited and remote landscapes. From the black volcanic desert of central Libya and the Jebel Acacus mountains in South West Libya to the semi-desert of North West Namibia, the nature of light, shadow and structure are expressed in the sculptural forms she makes.

Her responses to the land are about realignment of material, shifts in scale and how this influences our perception of space: a continual balance between what is made and not made. Julie explores these transformations through film and photography, which form the inspiration for further expression in other media.

Drawing plays a fundamental role in her practice, where the spatial dynamics of the sculptural works are explored on paper, often using materials collected from the different environments.

Made, Unmade was first exhibited at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh, in May /June 2013, where Brook’s carefully sequenced, and immersive films, were shown through two large scale multiple screen installations, enabling the audience a more visceral experience of the work. There, she collaborated with the weaving studio on a commission inspired by Suspended Block, the largest hand-tufted rug they have ever made. In July 2103, the exhibition went to the Bonhoga Gallery in Shetland, who commissioned a new sculptural work outside. More recently, in October 2013, the films were shown as multiple screen installations in the spectacular galleries at the Wapping Project, London.