Julie Leach

Julie Leach is a multidisciplinary artist.  She works with the elemental energies of nature to explore phenomena of transience, ephemerality and intangibility.

Her practice involves direct engagement with ‘nature as artist’.   Gathering and curating organic marks that are a reminder of the constant state of flux of all things. Influenced by the eastern philosophy of wabi sabi and what she considers to be its European incarnation in Scandinavian values.  Her work aspires to the simplicity, pared back colour palette and affinity with nature of Nordic culture.

Fluidity, spontaneity and avoidance of the contrived are qualities that are sought.   Through relinquishing control to the powers of nature and remaining open to chance and the unexpected.

Her interest in textiles lies in exploiting the vulnerability of cloth.  To achieve surfaces that play with transparency, lightness and movement with the potential to take art off the wall and into life.

See more of Julie’s work at https://www.julieleach.co.uk/