Maggy Herbert Jobson

Maggy is a British Contemporary Painter, whose work has become increasingly abstract over time and is now fueled much more by feelings and sensing than by reality of form.

Searching always for the hinterland, the hidden spirit, the magic of the unspoken and the deeper unseen.

Strongly attracted to expressive work, now mentored by Dr Nancy Hillis, her work is much influenced by the gurus of the New York School, particularly Joan Mitchell, Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline.

Painting from her internal landscape, informed by intuition and sometimes memories of another time and place, fragments are distilled and expressed in strong gestural marks.

Working intuitively, often with a restricted palette and primarily in oil or acrylic, using paper or wooden board as a substrate, always searching for new ways of expressing feeling, but in simple forms.

A latecomer to painting, during the last thirteen years, Maggy’s work has become regularly selected year on year and hung and sold in major national competitions and exhibitions.