Marianthi Lainas

Art Gallery Cotswolds Little Buckland Gallery

Having spent most of her life living a stone’s throw from the beach.  Marianthi’s work is inspired by the transient beauty of the littoral landscape.  At the dynamic edges of the land, the shore is in a constant state of flux. Temporary lines and textures are formed by wave and wind, the landscape reshaped twice daily.

Working with the cyanotype process out on the tidal islands and sandbanks of the Dee Estuary in North West England.  Light sensitive materials are exposed to the elements. Waves and wind, sunlight and sand all leave their imprint.  The tiniest of details are permanently etched upon the papers.  By experimenting with the chemical mix of the cyanotype solution, fascinating colour shifts can occur.  With pigments other than the traditional Prussian blue or cyan appearing in the final print.

Back in the studio, the large sheets of exposed paper are cropped, sliced and selectively hand-embellished with wax, fibres, pastel or paint.

Each print is the result of a unique set of conditions at one particular moment in time – a fleeting representation of an ever-changing landscape.