Nicki Gwynn Jones

Nicki’s photographic career began in 2007 and stemmed from her obsession with birds. Bewitching in their ‘otherness’, their powers of metaphor have always intrigued her. She has always felt that there was something elemental in their spirit.  It was thanks to a couple of ‘happy accidents’ with the camera that she stumbled upon a way to convey this. She realised that by shooting into the light she could distil the subjects down to their purest form. Forging an intimate connection with the birds and emphasising their essence. With this method a minimum of post-processing is required.

Her impressionistic landscapes are an attempt to transform the scene in front of her into something evocative and poetic.   More of a feeling than a seeing.  Using slower shutter speeds, intentional camera movement and by allowing the camera to move with her breath.  Nicki feels that she is able to connect with the landscape on a more powerful level. She only uses a neutral density filter and applies a contrast boost in post processing.

Movement shows us how to be free and uninhibited.  It connects us to the rhythms of life that we all share. She prints on acid free Permajet Fine Art photographic paper.  This gives the images a distinctive and artistic look.  Almost that of a watercolour painting.

In May 2012 Nicki was awarded a Fellowship by the Royal Photographic Society. Her work hangs in private collections all over the UK and also in Spain, Mallorca, the USA and Brazil.

Nicki now lives in Orkney