Robyn Hardyman

I throw and turn my vessels on the wheel in my garden studio in Oxford. I use only porcelain because I love its delicacy. The bowls, cups, vases and jugs are thrown thinly and are often inspired by the classic shapes of oriental ceramics, but they have a contemporary feel.

I relish exploring glaze colours and textures, and trying to find a variety of surfaces that complement the simplicity of the forms. All the pieces are fired in an electric kiln.

My aim is to combine beauty with function, creating quiet, thoughtfully made ceramics that can be enjoyed by being used every day.

I enjoy the way pots look when grouped together, the shapes and shadows between the forms, and the relationship between their colours and textures. My ceramics can be enjoyed as single pieces, but they seem also to complement each other when combined in small groups. I also enjoy how a good pot feels when weighed in the hand, that sense of balance that tells you when it’s right.