Sinclair Ashman

Sinclair is a practising graphic designer, with a wide interest in the visual arts. He trained at the University of The Arts, London. Previous work in abstract landscape photography led to gallery exhibitions in London, East Anglia and East Sussex. He now uses the collagraph printmaking technique as a starting point for visual expression and experimentation.

The collagraph process and the magic of printmaking made an immediate impression on him. He realised that this was the medium he needed for a new artistic direction.  Something that would give him much more creative freedom, compared to the inevitable restrictions of his client-led design work.

Sinclair’s overall approach to printmaking is to let the process and materials determine the outcomes. If he decides that a print will be the final piece, then the process of making a collagraph printing plate involves creating a variety of textures.  Which, in turn, create different tones in the print. Increasingly, however, the use of materials and the process of making a plate produces a wide variety of elements that are not incorporated into a plate. Instead, these elements – such as my series of ‘metallics’ – have become intriguing works of art in their own right.

He is the current Print Fellow in the School of Design at the University of Lincoln.