Susan Wilkinson

Most of Susan’s design ideas come to her when she is in the garden. She is surrounded by plants, by rocks (collected by her husband, a geologist), and shells.

Rather than try to replicate anything she has around her it is the combination of random patterns and organic textures that she appreciates and tries to realise in her work. She uses various techniques to achieve this; milling, reticulation, even hammering the silver against stone, and the effects are different each time. Surfaces are left matte, and she prefers to use semiprecious stones that are left unpolished, in order to better show their structure.

Her pieces are designed to be tactile; they are meant to be fiddled with. She doesn’t often look in a mirror and see what she is wearing around her neck, but she does know how her necklace feels when she rubs her thumbnail over the surface.