Caroline Chappell

A two-day landscape painting workshop with award winning artist Caroline Chappell

July 12-13 10am-4pm

Inspired by the beautiful lavender Farm at Snowshill , this workshop explored abstraction and expressive mark-making in relation to landscape.

Working at Little Buckland Gallery and at the Cotswold Lavender Farm.

Using a range of media to include inks, water soluble paints, pastels collage graphite and charcoal.

The first day was designed to develop a sense of place through expressive mark-making, drawing and written notes.

The second day began by looking at some contemporary abstract landscape painters, including Kurt Jackson, Frank Auerbach, Ivon Hitchens and John Piper. The use of colour and composition, mark-making and technique will be discussed.

At the end of the two days artists had a number of black and white sketchbook studies, as well as some small colour paintings and even time to start a larger piece.

Cost: £200